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Viviane was born in France and came to Portugal at the age of 13.
There, he began his musical career in 1990 when he formed, together with Tó Viegas, ENTRE ASPAS group, which after reaching the 3rd place in the modern music competition of the Lisbon City Hall, signed a contract with BMG, having recorded 6 albums through same publisher.


In 2001, he also recorded the first CD of the collective project LINHA DA FRENTE edited by UNIVERSAL in 2002, along with João Aguardela, Luís Varatojo, Dora Fidalgo, Janelo, Prince Wadada and Rui Duarte.

In 2003 together with Tó Viegas, he edited through his own publishing company ZIPMIX Records, the first CD of the project CHAMELEON AZUL titled "O Sul", based on the poetry of the writer Fernando Cabrita.
In 2005 after the extinction of the ENTRE ASPAS group, Viviane began her solo career with the album titled "Imperfect Loves" followed by "Viviane" edited in 2007.

In 2008, Viviane is part of the "RUA DA SAUDADE" project that honors the poet Ary dos Santos, along with three great singers of the current Portuguese music: Mafalda Arnauth, Susana Félix and Luanda Cozetti.

From this project resulted a CD published in 2009 titled "The songs of Ary". In 2010 she is invited by the region of Turismo do Algarve to give voice to the theme of the international campaign "The most famous secret in Europe".


His third album was released in 201  and is called "The little drawers of love". This CD continues the very sonority of Viviane.


Owner of one of the most charismatic and singular voices of contemporary Portuguese music, Viviane invites us to travel through her songs where the influence of Fado and "Chanson Francesa" becomes evident.

His fourth album titled "Dia Novo" edited in 2014 in Portugal and Benelux by the publisher XANGO, has been the target of excellent criticism in the media. In this album, Viviane privileges the voice, the interpretation, the Portuguese guitar and once again invites Fado and "Chanson" to be part of their songs.

In 2015, Viviane completed 10 years of solo career. To commemorate this date, he edited at the end of the year a "Best of"
entitled "Confidentiality"; which brings together the best songs from its 4 original albums and also includes an original theme titled "Kiss Fado"; and a version of the song "Radio singers"; interpreted by Carmen Miranda in 1936.

In 2016, Viviane is invited to be the first Artist Figures 2016 by the Teatro das Figuras in Faro and in this condition, there she performs 3 different concerts representing various phases of her career as well as her various facets as an artist.

Viviane does a mini tour in Lithuania and plays in Paris at the Alfa radio party and the Cap Magellan Association Gala which took place in Mairie de Paris.

In 2017, Viviane toured in Latvia and Lithuania, having exhausted all the rooms where she passed.

In 2018, Viviane releases a new CD titled "Viviane sings Piaf", a tribute to the French singer Edith Piaf.

In 2019, Viviane performs several concerts in Kenya, Lithuania and Germany and prepares a new album of originals, due to be released by the end of the year.