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Viviane invited of Sebastião Antunes

On November 16th, Viviane will be one of the invited guess by

Sebastião Antunes & Quadrilha at their concert at Capitólio in Lisbon at 9.30pm. Viviane will be singing the song "Um dia de Lisboa" that she recorded on the last CD of the band.


Viviane participates on the new CD of Renato Junior

Renato Junior´s new álbum "Uma mulher não chora" is now on sale, featuring Viviane with the song "Goutte à goutte" along with other leading portuguese female singers. 

Viviane´s music in the new serie of SIC channel "Terra brava".


Two songs from Viviane can be heard in the new SIC channel serie "Terra brava". "Não apagues o amor" and "Criatura da noite" (Entre Aspas).